The Stop • Breathe • Reboot seminars were very effective in providing us with practical solutions to daily stress overload. We learned how to recognize when it's time to take a
break, remain calm under pressure, and recharge quickly. Their approach to stress management is surprisingly fun, and has been beneficial in helping me to maintain balance at work and at home. Adrienne and Garland are both
easy-going, responsive, and a real pleasure to work with.

Sarah Clarke, M.D.
Corporate Health Physician
HBO Corp.

Garland and Adrienne are skilled facilitators who know how
to relate and adapt to their audience. In a brief period of
time they were able to guide the participants through
different stress management practices that included simple
movement, breathing exercises, and positive thinking
methods. The employees found the workshops to be helpful, relaxing, and fun. They left with useful knowledge
and practices to include in their everyday life. We highly
recommend the program to other organizations!

Stefanie Armitt
Human Resources Director
L’Oreal HR Operations USA

Working with Garland and Adrienne was a very positive experience. They are a skillful and complimentary team who succeeded in making stress management enjoyable! Their customized program offered an original combination of strategies that were easy to learn and applicable in a wide variety of situations. I highly recommend
Stop • Breathe • Reboot for effective stress reduction with long term results.

Charles M. Rodstrom, P.E.
A.D. Winston Corp.