Empowering individuals to take responsibility for their

health and well-being is what we do. Our goal is to teach clients how to quickly self-manage everyday physical, mental, and emotional stressors before they accumulate and lead to burnout or illness. Research shows that up to 90% of all physician visits are stress related. We believe it's important to break the cycle of stress early.


The Stop Breathe Reboot system was designed using a unique combination of management-level corporate expertise and health and wellness education. We incorporate a wide variety of traditional modalities, like

Yoga, Meditation, and the Chinese healing arts with modern Coaching principles to create fun, easy strategies. All the techniques can be practiced throughout the day,

and range from thirty-second-at-the-desk de-stressors to anytime-anywhere refreshers.


We would be happy to analyze your company's needs and then custom design a program that will have the most impact. Stop Breathe Reboot is equally effective for an entire workforce or for a few key employees.

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Because stress is inevitable, but being stressed-out is not!